New Year’s Celebration Photography Tips

With the New Year approaching and the desire to capture the perfect picture at your finger tips, there are a few helpful reminders on how to do so with ease.

First, remember that after you capture a photograph it may not appear to look exactly as captured in your LCD screen.  Your LCD pixel are a different calibration than that of a larger screen, therefore pictures do not look exactly as they were captured. So the best way to view your photos is to wait until you can view them on a larger screen.  Don’t waste time or battery power by obsessively deleting photographs after they are taken.  Make sure you have enough memory space and wait till you can review the photographs on a bigger screen.  If battery power is dwindling always carry a spare battery for quick changes if necessary.  Turn off the camera when not in use.

Second, before venturing out to your location become familiar with all the modifications and default settings of your camera.  Practice a few shots in different setting and locations to get a feel of the necessary modifications.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different aspects of photography.  The most unique photographs tend to speak more.

Third, and most important, take care of your camera with the different climate elements.  Be aware of what the weather forecast is before leaving the safety of your studio.  Be aware of your camera weather setting and make modification as necessary.  Use protective cover for rain and snow climates.  When returning back to your studio be cautious of the temperature change and prevent your camera from developing condensation by slowly raising the temperature of the atmosphere.

Using these helpful tips during the New Year celebration can ensure high quality photos and great experience for future ventures.  The most important aspect is to remember to be prepared and take care of your camera and equipment.


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