Camera Straps by 42nd St Photo

You have invested in a camera, and hopefully a case for that camera that will protect it when in storage. But carrying that camera in your hand so it is ready to use is not always going to be the best option in real life. A camera strap can be more than a ribbon around your neck; quality camera straps safely keep your camera at hand for a quick shot and have features you may not realize. Here is a short look at some of the straps in stock at 42nd St Photo.
The Trekking Safari strap is designed to relieve neck strain by distributing the weight of heavy equipment over the back and shoulders, like a backpack. This offers greater freedom of movement and puts far less pressure on your neck. You can comfortably carry a DSLR and a pair of binoculars, even with a heavy telephoto lens. There are compartments for a memory card and battery, and includes two sets of camera mounting straps.

Trekking also makes a Comfort Camera Strap that is compatible with the Safari strap system and allows you to interchange mounted cameras. It also has memory card compartments and an extra set of mounting straps for a pair of binoculars or another camera.

The Bower SS10 Deluxe Heavy-duty Neck Strap is a 2″ wide neoprene strap designed to fit a lighter camera. Its two ends attach to the included D rings or buckle on an SLR.

If you aren’t sure what type of strap you need, call 42nd St Photo for a consultation with our experts. We can help you determine the camera strap that is suitable to your equipment and lifestyle needs.


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