Consider that Accessory Kit with 42nd St Photo

When you are purchasing a basic camera, there are going to be accessories that will come in handy. 42nd St Photo often will carry several grades of accessory kits that are carefully selected for you.

One of the great advantages of an accessory kit is the knowledge that someone with more experience in photography has put it together. They’ve already experienced the lack of an item and regretted it; this is an easy way to benefit from their experience.

A Starter Kit will vary depending on the brand of camera you have purchased, but whether it be Nikon, Canon, Leica or another, they will have things like a 2GB Secure Digital Memory Card, a tight carrying case, and extra rechargeable battery. some may have a USB Reader/Writer for the memory card, and things like a screen protector, cleaning kit, and tripod are standard.

A Basic Accessory kit will have a larger memory card, 4GB, and perhaps some additional items. 42nd St Photo also has Executive Accessory Kits (8GB cards) and Pro Shooter Accessory Kits (16GB cards) with appropriate variations of items in the kit.

It is worth your time to look at the different options you have when you purchase your camera. You will need a case, and a cleaning kit, and an extra battery and memory card. You will want a tripod at some time, and appreciate the other items that 42nd St Photo has put together in their accessory kits.


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