Ready to Photograph? by 42nd St Photo

The holiday season has already started, and you might have been taking pictures of Hannukah menorahs or Christmas lights, but here are some reminders for photographers during the season by 42nd St Photo.

Keep your battery…and a backup….charged. When you are taking a lot of pictures it is easy to run out of power, and grabbing your extra battery to discover it needs recharging is like going to fix a flat tire and finding your spare is flat.

Make sure you have more space on your memory card than you think you will need. If your camera takes videos, those opportunities pop up quickly in holiday settings and can’t be replicated. It probably is a good idea to have an extra memory card in your camera bag, just in case.

Are you familiar with your camera’s features? Have you practiced taking pictures in low light? Being familiar with the functions of your particular camera and practiced with technique means you can use your mental energy on enjoying the occasion and still take excellent photos of what is happening. Otherwise, you will be struggling to remember how to take that tricky shot and miss out on the fun.

Do you need an upgrade of photography equipment? Now might be the best time to come to 42nd St Photo and get the tools you need to take the pictures you want.



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