Use the Camera in Your Hand by 42nd St Photo

You don’t have to wait until you get that fancy photography setup you’ve dreamed about in order to take beautiful pictures. The best camera is the one in your hand when you see an image you want to capture because that is when you can take the picture.

42nd St Photo carries a lot of photography equipment, cameras and accessories. We’d love to have you as a customer and hope that you will look at all we offer. Everything we carry, though, is just a tool for you to use to take that image you see and make a permanent record of it. So…the tool has to be in your hand for you to use it!

Maybe the only camera you have is the one on your phone…take the picture anyway. Use that phone-camera to its fullest potential and think about composition, shadows, lighting, and angles. Take a couple of different shots from several angles and evaluate them. Try to get good photographs with the camera you have.

Learning how to use the camera in your hand increases your skill level. Just as a skilled craftsman can produce beauty with basic tools, you can learn how to produce beautiful photographs with the most basic camera.

The more you know about photography, the better able you will be to upgrade intelligently when the time is right to get another camera. You can go to 42nd St Photo and have a good idea of what you want. In the meantime, you will have all the beauty you have seen in your surroundings in the photographs you took with the camera in your hand.


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