Camera to PC and Beyond by 42nd St Photo

You have a good digital camera, and have been taking some great pictures. What next? 42nd St Photo can help you decide.

Your photographs are stored on a memory card that can be used to transfer the data to any device that can read it, whether that be a computer or a kiosk at the drugstore for printing.

For your computer, if it does not already have a slot for a memory card, you will need a reader. 42nd St Photo carries a number of these and they are all reasonably priced. You just put the reader in the computer’s USB port, the memory card in the reader, and the computer can read your card, taking the pictures into a format for you to edit and print or post online or send to a friend. You decide!

At a photo kiosk in a store, once you put your card in the slot there will be a walk-thru menu guiding your choices. Photography has come a long way since the darkroom days when a photographer carefully shielded the developing film from light and held their nose over smelly chemicals and waited to see the image emerge. Most amateur photographers would make contact prints, laying the negatives directly on the paper to get as many pictures as possible crowded onto one sheet. Then the magnifying glass would come out as the photos were examined and the best ones chosen to develop further.

Today, with a flick of a card, you can go from camera to PC in one smooth step, download a file, and choose your best images for printing.

Think you might need a reader to get your memory card from camera to PC? The fully educated staff of 42nd St Photo can help you figure it out.


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