Photography in the Snow by 42nd St Photo

You’ve got your extra batteries in your pocket, and you are bundled up so the camera doesn’t show your shivers, so now you are ready to take some snow shots! Here’s a few tips from 42nd St Photo.

Snow scenes are white scenes and your camera tends to underexpose. Compensate your exposure by as much as a full step and take some practice shots to check your settings. That white snow actually has grays and blues or warm tones depending on the light and you want to capture what your eye sees.

Some of the best snow photography conditions are right after it stops snowing, sunrise, and sunset. A quick drop in temperature will cause some spectacular ice effects that disappear quickly. Be ready to grab your camera!

Know your camera and the settings that are available to you. Along with exposure, white balance and flash may need to be tweaked to get the effect you are after. Think about the subject of your photo, a snowy landscape under a clear sunny sky will reflect so much light that a friend will look like a dark cardboard cutout. Play with the features your camera has so you understand how to get the picture you want.

Snow changes the familiar and gives lots of opportunities to get beautiful images. Catch some color in all that white, either bright clothing or winter plumage on birds that stay for the season. Take advantage of shadows and the bones of the winter landscape…leafless trees and shrubs.

If your camera isn’t able to capture all you see in the crisp, clean snow then you might want to stop by 42nd St Photo to see about an upgrade. This season has too many incredible photograph opportunities to miss.



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