Camera Shopping with 42nd St Photo

Cameras and photography have changed a lot since Louis Daguerre created that fuzzy print of an artist’s studio in 1837. The digital camera, the latest in a long evolutionary process, has features Louis never dreamed of. 42nd St Photo can help you make your photography dreams a reality.

The more specific your photography dreaming is, the easier it will be to figure out what kind of camera is best for you. There’s a lot to choose from, and you can narrow it down by considering two factors; the type of photography you want to do and the type of photographer you really will be.

What kinds of photographs will you be taking? Are you going to be outdoors a lot? Do you primarily need to take pictures of a product to sell online? Knowing the type of photography you are interested in will help you do some research on the cameras used in those conditions and give you background knowledge for your discussions with a salesperson.

What kind of photographer will you be? Do you enjoy fiddling with equipment to get it exactly the way you want it? Do you get frustrated with a lot of adjustments? Would you rather capture a moment or set up a scene? Are you the one standing in line to get the latest technology or do you wait for the bugs to get worked out while you keep your old version?

It sounds too simple, but the best camera is the one you will use. If you know that all the latest bells and whistles will intimidate you, a basic point-and-shoot that can take a decent picture is a good place to start because you can always upgrade later as your skills improve and your camera confidence grows. There are DSLR cameras that are easy to use, with fewer features, and the professionals at 42nd St Photo can explain the differences.




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