Grab that Group with 42nd St Photo

Trying to get a picture of a group is legendary for difficulty. 42nd St Photo has some tips for grabbing the best shot possible with your next group photograph.

Be prepared! If you have to set up your equipment and figure out settings while the group is arranged, you will lose their interest and have a difficult time keeping them posed and happy. Your photo will show their lack of interest and suffer.

Take control of the situation by knowing what the goal is (multiple family shots at a wedding, for example) and communicating what is happening. Give them a reason for cooperating with you and keep it short, while telling them where you want them: “Grandma and Grandpa want to be able to see who was at their 50th Anniversary party, so make sure you can see the camera and they will be able to see your face in the picture”. If there are several photographers, try to work together and avoid confusion.

Remember to take lighting and background into account and choose the location before assembling the group. Strong light behind the group will affect the photo drastically, so think about how to have sufficient light, perhaps a fill-in flash. If they are in the rosy glow of the sunset, try not to have it in their eyes or you will have squints instead of smiles.

If your camera has continuous shooting mode, where a quick burst of shots is possible, you have a great chance to get a story of the shot…the posing adjustments, the “cheese” smiles, and the reactions…and a better selection to choose from. Sometimes those candid takes are cherished more than the formal shot. Take a few series of before, during, and after just to see what you get.

If your camera isn’t really up to the standard you need for getting those pictures you want from the coming events in your life, consider upgrading with 42nd St Photo. Your memories are worth capturing with a quality camera.



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