42nd Street Photo: Vacation Photography

Now that we have hit October, the longing for summertime and vacations sinks in. Many families choose the fall to take the tropical vacation they have waited for all year. Whether you fir this mold or you take a vacation at another time of year, here are some tips for getting great shots of your vacation:

More power, more photos- DO NOT FORGET to make sure you have the means to power your camera for the entirety of your trip. Batteries, rechargeables and a charger, or even a cord- no matter what your source, be sure to have it on hand. There is nothing worse than missing out on photos due to a lack of preparation in power source. A tip for saving power is to power off your LCD screen as it uses the most power on your camera. Remember if visiting a foreign country that you may need a power adapter.

Making the most of memory- Do not get caught running out of memory on your vacation. This is possibly the most annoying thing that can happen. Of course you can go through and delete some photos to make room but that is no good for multiple reasons. First, you may have to delete a photo or two that you actually wanted and second, it is time consuming. In order to be well prepared, simply take tons of memory with you- more than you will ever use.

Protecting your investment- Your camera may or may not be your greatest investment. It may not be monetarily but because it holds your memories, it is much more valuable. Water, sand, dust and more can be detrimental to your camera’s well- being. First, be sure to have a nice carrying case. If you need a waterproof one due to the nature of your travelling, get one! You can add a pack of silica gel to your bag to reduce moisture as well.


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