42nd Street Photo: Fall Subjects

We are officially in the midst of fall and it is a great season for taking photos. There are hundreds of subjects you can use for the object in your photos but some are better than others. Here are some ideas for photography this fall:

  • Pumpkins:  it doesn’t matter where you find them, pumpkins are always great objects for photos. You may find them in a store or at a farm where you can pick one to take home. Pumpkin patches are the most fun because you can get shots of hundreds of pumpkins at a time. You can also get great pumpkin shots  at your home or someone else’s.
  • Apples:  A popular place  for families to make memories this season is the old apple orchard. They are typically huge and a ton of fun. Capture photos of the gorgeous trees and with your loved ones picking their own apples. These trees filled with fruit represent life and can become amazing photos.
  • Kids:  Possibly the absolute best subject for photos in the fall and in every other season is children. Whether they are playing in the leaves, carving a pumpkin, or roaming the neighborhood in a costume, kids are by far the most fun!

There is so much out there to be photographed this fall. Be sure that you are ready to capture it all by getting your photography equipment at 42nd Street Photo. We have a large selection of cameras and more with the best prices offered.


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