42nd Street Photo: Perfect School Photos

All kids in school go through the crazy days of school photos. There are always things to think about as the anticipated day approaches. What to wear, how to look, how to smile- these are all viable thoughts, not only for the kids getting photographed but also for the parents- usually the moms! Here are some tips for a successful picture day:

  • NO HATS! The photographer is likely to remove the hat as they aren’t allowed to be worn in school, leaving the child with ‘hat hair’. Instead, style the child’s hair as you normally do or as you do for special occasions.
  • No parents! Your child is more likely to be natural and smile without reservation, with you gone! If your attendance is necessary, leave the room when your child is up for the photo. It may be something you want to watch but it will turn out better if you do not!
  • Practice is not necessary! Do not force your child to practice smiles. The photographer will have a better turn out if the natural smile of your child is brought out.
  • Keep clothing simple! Words, action- packed graphics, and character shirts are not the best way to go. Instead dress your little one in a solid colored shirt or patterned top. You don’t want to distract from your child’s face.
  • Crazy hair is not good! Do not get your child’s hair cut within a week of school photo day. This is in order to avoid any crazy haircut mistakes. Also, be sure to style your girl’s hair with bows, pony’s or another maintained, tame style.

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