42nd Street Photo: Choosing a Lens

42nd Street Photo is a store that carries cameras, photography equipment and accessories. One accessory that is necessary for some photography is a lens. We carry hundreds of lenses and there are all different types for different cameras.

Lenses are a very important part of photography. Choosing one to use is a big decision. You can change out lenses for different shoots. Using a lens can increase the quality of your photos or give them a special effect. If you choose a low quality lens, it could affect your photos negatively. There are different features that come along with each lens. You can find lenses that cost a couple hundred dollars and others that cost thousands. Make sure that you do not invest more into a lens than you can afford or get a lens too sophisticated for your photography.

When choosing a lens, you need to consider the maximum aperture as well as the focal length. If you are unsure about what these are, be sure to study them before purchasing a lens. The maximum aperture will appear as a number with f/ before it. It will all be determined by the magnification of your camera.

You will need to choose different lenses based on how far away from the subject you are shooting. There are some lenses that allow for both near and far but a good quality lens like this is very expensive. They are also one of the more inconvenient lenses to carry around. There are zoom lenses as well as prime lenses. Zooms allow for zooming in and out while prime only shoot at one focal length.

There is a lot to know about lenses from telephoto, fisheye, and macro- you must read up on all of these before choosing the lens that you need. Be sure to consider price and necessity before making your purchase!


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