42nd Street Photo: Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

Photography that is family based and more specifically baby based is on the rise. Newborn photos have become very popular and most recently, pregnancy announcement photos. This type of photography is very creative and it is likely that the expecting parents will fill you in on what they want done. You may come across some who want to do photos but do not have any ideas for creativity. Here are some pregnancy announcement photo ideas:

  •  Get photos taken of the expecting family (couple) along with a set of baby shoes. This works best if the parents and children line up side by side with a space in the middle for the shoes. As the photographer, you need to shoot down at the shoes- making sure the idea of a new addition is achieved.
  • One of the best ideas for this type of photography is to actually capture the announcement in the photos. Have the whole family come out for group shots. As you are taking the shots have the mom make her big announcement. You will capture the expressions of all and it is awesome! You will likely see smiles, tears and hugs. These make the best memories!
  • Addition is easy but when there is a surprise involved, it is great! Have dad (and previous kids) stand against a brick wall. Use chalk to draw a plus sign (+) next to him on that wall. Have the pregnant mommy stand next to the sign and draw and equals (=) sign next to her. Lastly, write the final number of family members including the baby on the wall. This is an adorable idea for any family.

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