42nd Street Photo: 42photo.com

42nd Street Photo knows the importance of customers. Without loyal, dedicated, and satisfied customers, our business would not survive. We want to keep happy customers, which means offering flexibility, great prices, and a great selection of products. You can visit our website to see all of this offered.

At 42photo.com, customers can find a lot of information. This website allows customers to browse our selection of products thoroughly, and gets them the information needed to decide on a purchase. Our website is broken down into several sections. Here is the listing of headings you can search on our site:

  • Home – Takes you to the home page of 42photo.com.
  • Digital Cameras – Takes you to a listing of the digital cameraas we have available to order.
  • Camcorders – Allows customers to see the camcorders we have for sale.
  • Best Sellers – This will give a detailed list of the best selling products.
  • Clearance – When an item goes on clearance, it is placed here.
  • Contact Us – All of our contact information such as hours, phone number, address, and more.

When you click on ‘Home’, you will be taken to the main page. This gives you the option to search anywhere else on the site. On the ‘home’ page, you will see our weekly and daily specials scrolling.

As you go back to the home page, you will see more detailed headings down the left side of the page. These titles list the type of products available for purhcase here at 42nd Street Photo. Under the listing ‘camcorder’, there are hard drive camcorders, mini DV camcorders, memory card camcorders, and accessories for all of them. In the ‘digital camera’ heading, we have many different types available. There are also printers and other equipment available.

Other headings we have available with items listed include: home audio, security equipment, sunfire lights, and leatherman tools. Whatever your needs, you can find what you are looking for here at 42nd Street Photo.


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