42nd Street Photo as Your First Choice

There are many stores that sell cameras. Many of them do not specialize in photography equipment and often times, the sales associate does not know much about what they are selling. There are many benefits to choosing 42nd Street Photo over all other stores for your photography needs.

42nd Street Photo has a large variety of products unlike most other stores. We carry several brands and types of cameras. From point and shoot to completely manual, we have any and every camera available that you could imagine. We also have a large variety of accessories including cases, memory cards and more.

Another reason to choose 42nd Street Photo is our expertise. We specialize in everything photography. Each of our sales representatives is knowledgeable in this equipment. If they cannot answer a question you have, they will find the answer ASAP and give it to you. With photography being the center of our store, we employ, train, and inform our customer service representatives about the industry and equipment.

Other reasons to choose 42nd Street Photo include low prices, safe transactions, and warranties. Each of these plays a part in the business that we provide. We offer lower prices than anyone because of our product volume. We offer safe transactions that are protected whether placed online, on the phone or in person. Lastly, each of our products comes with a limited USA warranty.

If you are not sure which store to visit for your next investment, choose 42nd Street Photo and you will not be disappointed!


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