42nd Street Photo: Fall Photography Tips

Fall is quickly approaching as August will soon be over. Cooler weather, bonfires, football and cider all come with the territory but for photographers, it is the beautiful color changing magic to look forward to. From greens to red, orange, yellow and brown, this fall capture the colors of the season.

The natural colors change at different times in different areas. The color really begins transforming in October in most of the US but some areas see the change in September. If you are in an area you have lived for a long time, you probably have a good idea of when the changes will occur. If not, keep an eye out or ask others for some guidance.

Time of day will play a role in the photos of fall foliage as well. Anytime of the day that has sufficient light will work. The best however is typically early morning and late afternoon. The colors will pop with the sun shining and you will love the results.

Another factor you need to consider when photographing nature is the weather. You can get completely different photos at different times because of the weather. Bright and direct sunlight will give you bright and vivacious color but if you go out after it rains, you will get a great set of photos that are contrasting to the others. The colors will more rich because of the water and you will love how those photos turn out.

When taking pictures of nature in the fall, you may want to try underexposing them. It will prevent overexposure and will help the colors intensify rather than get washed out. Try out different manual settings on your digital camera to get the best results.

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