42nd Street Photo: More Photography Terminology For You

There are many terms used in photography, especially digital photography. We covered some of the terms in the last entry and here are more:

  • ISO: This term is a part of film and digital photography. When using film, ISO measures sensitivity to light. The higher the number, the stronger the sensitivity. In digital photography, it is the sensitivity of the image sensor to light. Photos can be shot in lower light or higher shutter speeds as the sensor is more sensitive to light.
  • JPEG: This is the file format in which most photos are saved. The letters stand for ‘Joint Photographic Experts Group’. This format is used more than any other. It is a compressed version which eliminates the size, thus using less memory. As higher compression is set, the quality of the photo goes down.
  • Lenses: DSLR cameras make it possible to use attachable lenses. There are lenses with different purposes. Some are specifically for zoom while others have special effects such as fish bowl.
  • Macro: When a camera or lens is able to focus very closely to the subject, so close that it appears life sized, it is called macro. Usually these type of photos are of flowers and insects.
  • Memory Card: Whereas old school cameras recorded photos on film, memory cards are the new storage means for digital cameras. They come in different sizes and types. Memory Stick, SD, and XD are the most popular types of memory cards. They can vary in memory size from small to professional grade large.

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