42nd Street Photo: Tips on Natural Light

One thing that photographers often take for granted is natural light. Too many times, we do not take full advantage of what nature provides! It is free and guaranteed! Truly understanding how light can work for the good and bad during a photo shoot is vital to a professional photographer. Light in a photo helps to communicate its meaning. Here are some tips on using natural light:

  • Be aware of the changes in natural light. Because of how the sun works and the light changes throughout the day, there are several different kinds of light. There is sunrise, morning, afternoon, evening, sunset and night. Each of these shows change from one to another. The same photo can look completely different when taken at a different time of day. 
  • Do not ever think that specific times are either good or bad. Every time of the day can be good for certain types of photography negative for others. If you constantly think that sunset is terrible lighting, you limit yourself. Instead, consider simply what lighting is best for your photography subject. 
  • Experiment as much as possible. You will find your niche and in what lighting you do best by experimenting. Using your camera settings in all types of lighting will help you know what is best at each time of day.

If you are interested in photography or are already working in the field, you need to consider lighting. Natural lighting is best and of course there are light kits available for artificial light. If you are in need of a camera, visit 42nd Street Photo for more information.


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