42nd Street Photo: Weather Tips

There are many people who are scared of extreme weather and many who are fascinated with it. As a photographer, you may desire to get great photos of bad weather. You can get great weather photos at any time during the day. Here are some important things to keep in mind when photographing the weather:

  • Be ready for anything: In bad weather, you will get great photos but there is a high chance that you will get wet, cold or hot, and even wind- blown. You must hurry when taking photos in these times. Be sure that you are prepared in your attire for this kind of shoot. From your head to your feet, you need to wear clothes that are best for wet times. Layers for the cold are good while a rain coat and good shoes are important in the rain.
  • Protect your equipment: No matter if it is hot, cold, windy, wet or all of the above, you MUST protect your camera and accessories from the elements. Remember that condensation is definitely an issue when going through a big temperature change. Going from air conditioning to hot muggy atmosphere can cause a problem with your lens. The opposite is the same. A lens hood as well as a plastic bag are both a good idea to help protect your equipment from the rain too.
  • Big & Small: Take photos of the big and small things in life. A ¬¬photo of an icicle and the snow covered trees cover both of these areas. Everyone notices the trees but a specific icicle may go unnoticed. A tree covered in beautiful colorful leaves vs. one leaf with a raindrop may both make great photos.

As you prepare to practice your trade in crazy weather, be sure to have all the items you need. Visit 42photo.com and let 42nd Street Photo supply you with the necessities. Our prices are low and if you have questions, we are ready to help!


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