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At 42nd Street Photo, we understand that there are all kinds of photography and all kinds of people enjoy it. You may be a professional, a beginner, or simply a proud parent. Whatever your photographic status may be, you can trust 42nd Street Photo to have the equipment and accessories you need for photography.

One thing that almost always fun to photograph is… BABIES! Whether you are shooting newborn pictures (which have become very popular in the last few years) or 6 month photos, babies are a blast. They are among the most creative people subjects around.

In order to have a successful baby photo shoot, you need to know what you are doing before you do it. Make a list of the photos you want to take and pre- pack the accessories or props you will want to use. You time may be limited as babies get hungry, tires, and irritable in no time. Creativity can take a whole new look with babies. You can use fun props like baskets, flowers and more. You can also shoot from varying angles as young babies do not move much.

You should always focus on the baby’s face and everything else will fall into place. Using blurred backgrounds will help make the beautiful subject stand out even more. Of course there are those baby feet shots and such that do not focus on the face but those are few. A zoom lens will help you in those moments to get great photos of feet, hands, ears and other facial features.

Try to have a simple backdrop for these photos. Toys, bottles or overactive backgrounds simply distract from the baby you are photographing. Keep it simple to get the best photos.


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