42nd Street Photo: Capturing Summer Heat

The heat wave in the US these last few weeks has been intense! With dry weather causing fires out west and tropical heat in the Midwest, it seems all of the pictures taken would only capture miserable things. There are ways however as a photographer to capture the heat in a lighthearted and fun way.

Here are some creative ideas of objects to photograph in order to capture the heat yet keep it fun:

  • Sunset- It will look beautiful no matter the temperature!
  • Lemonade- It will be refreshing, creative and cute!
  • Watermelon- Everyone loves a nice cold watermelon in a heat wave!
  • Water- Whether it is in a glass or in a pool, water is a great thing to look at during high temps.
  • Lemons and Limes- Quenching and refreshing are all that come to mind.
  • Kids Playing- It may be exhausting in the heat but it is still fun to watch.
  • Sweat- It is best to capture an active person actually doing something rather than someone sitting and sweating.
  • Feet or flip flops- These are always a summer favorite!

No matter what you photograph, find your equipment at 42nd Street Photo. We have all of your needs and desires when it comes to photo equipment or accessories. You can stop in, call and order, or do so online! We look forward to working with you in this heat! Get out and capture it while you can!


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