42nd Street Photo: Color is Important

Being a photographer can be a blast. You get to work creatively for yourself and for others. When you are working to catch the attention of others, color plays an important role. Here are some things to think about when you are looking to wow someone with your photos.

Color: Color is something that will not only grab your eyes but others’ attention. Those of the sky, flowers, and kids are some of the most colorful and fun photos you can work on. People simply love to look at these photos because they are entertaining. Colors keep the eye’s attention. There are many aspects of color that must be considered when photographing for color purposes.

The actual color is called hue. Our eyes see colors differently based on the light and sensitivity to the color. Our eyes are most sensitive to red, and then green and lastly blue. These are the three primary colors. This is why red and orange photos grab attention sooner. Sometimes the color or hue makes people feel something specific as well.

Saturation is another part of color. It is the strength of the color. If it is very red with high saturation, it may be intense while if less saturated it may appear as a diluted red. People react to the saturation of color in photos they see.
Contrast is the last part of color that must be considered when photographing. Color contrast is when two or more colors contrast against one another. They must be different enough from one another to make a contrast. This will stimulate the eyes of onlookers.

Keeping these three parts of color in mind while photographing will make for some great pictures. You will have those looking at the photos mesmerized. To get a camera that is capable of capturing beautiful color, visit 42nd Street Photo. You will find numerous cameras that will fit your needs.


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