42nd Street Photo: Trash the Dress

We all know how big photography can be on a wedding day. It is the one thing that truly captures the memories and reminds you exactly how the day went. There are actually many photo shoots that occur with a wedding. There are the engagement shots, the actual wedding, and nowadays, the trash the dress session. You may or may not be familiar with this type of photo shoot but it can be the most creative and exciting.

Trash the dress. This may not sound appealing to you depending on how much you spent on it. Regardless, it is a blast. Trash the dress sessions are totally creative and up to the bride. These are times when the bride gets to do something crazy in her wedding gown that she would have never done before the wedding. Some of these shoots actually ruin the wedding dress while others only appear to. It is like a personal, modeling photo shoot for the bride after the wedding.

 She can get in the dress, leave her hair down and be herself which may be even more appealing than the wedding day makeover.

Here are some ideas for trash the dress photos:

  • On railroad tracks
  • Paint your dress
  • Sit in water
  • Ride a horse
  • Play football
  • Play in the rain
  • Get out the cowboy boots and sit in a field
  • Hop on a tractor
  • Eat messy food

All of these ideas have been done. There are tons of other ideas too. It is a matter of opinion for the bride. Also, accessorizing this session is fun! Add tennis shoes, heels, boots or slippers for a funny perk. Wear crazy jewelry, do your hair differently, or wear no makeup- whatever you want!


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