42nd Street Photo: Buying a Camera

The day comes when it is time to buy a new camera for everyone. Everyone has those moments they want to capture and some want to explore the world of photography more deeply. No matter what use you have for a camera, it is important that you have one that is up to speed with today.

If you are simply looking for a basic phone to capture special days here and there, basically and point and shoot digital camera will work. You can find several of these at 42nd Street Photo and for a great price. If you desire something a bit more extensive, you can look into a more complex camera. There are some that simply have more manual options and then those that have the capabilities to use multiple lenses.

You may also want to decide if you will be shooting video on your camera. Almost every camera does this but if it needs to be a key feature for you, you need to check the file type and quality of video. Compare it with the video editing software you use to make sure it is compatible.

Before you purchase your camera, do some pricing homework. Check out the cameras you like and their prices. It is likely that you will find the best prices at 42nd Street Photo. Next, set a budget for yourself. This can be a budget for only the camera or for accessories too.

If you are looking to learn more about photography then anything goes but if you are happy just understanding the basics, then buy a basic camera.


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