42nd Street Photo: Choosing Your Clothing

At 42nd Street Photo we specialize in photography equipment, accessories, and more. One of the greatest past times a family can have is a family photo session. There are specific and very important things that must be considered before getting your photos taken. One of these things is the clothing worn by each member present in the photos.

First, you need to consider the time of year your photos are to be taken. For instance, in the summer, you want bold and bright colors as they interpret the fun times ahead. In the fall you should look at wearing clothes in that category. Oranges, browns and neutral tones are great.  Whatever season you choose, your clothes need to coordinate.

Once you have considered a color scheme for the time of year, start shopping around. Depending on the makeup of your family, choose the male or female clothes first. Or you can start by choosing kid clothes then adult clothes.

You should have a run through by having everyone try on their clothes prior to the photo shoot. The entire family needs to have a good fit in their clothing. Take this time to go ahead and make sure there are no problems with anyone’s articles of clothing. If there are, be sure to have them replaced in time for your photos to be taken.

If you are in need of a camera for your photos when self done or are looking for a memory card to save them on, contact 42nd Street Photo. We have all of your needs from equipment to accessories.


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