42nd Street Photo: Tips on Wedding Details

What is a wedding without beautiful photos!? It is very important to catch even the smallest of details on camera for the big day. Weddings can be the most stressful and chaotic but beautiful and amazing days all at the same time. It is a memory not to be forgotten and as the photographer, it is your job to make it stand out.

Brides spend countless hours planning the details of their special day and as a photographer, you should let her know that they do not go unnoticed. Some details that are important to capture include, the shoes of the bride, the cake, décor, and so many more. It is the details of a wedding that set it apart from all of the others. It says so much about who the couple is.

When you are taking photos things such as jewelry or more specifically, the rings, you must be sure to emphasize clarity. There should be no blur used on these photos as you want the subject to shine through with a very sharp look. You want to see every last detail of these shots.

When you take photos of other details such as the flowers and décor, you can be more creative. Feel free to take photos using different features and settings. Be sure to get some straight photos as well, in case that is what the couple prefers but otherwise, have fun! Capture the décor of both the wedding venue and reception from every angle. Take photos from top to bottom as not to miss anything.

42nd Street Photo has cameras and equipment that can help you make a wedding day its best. Create amazing memories for others with a purchase that will satisfy. You can shop online, by phone, or in person.


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