42nd Street Photo: Sunrise, Sunset

Not only is it the name of an old song but sunrise and sunset are some of the most beautiful things to photograph. Many professionals as well as amateurs love a good sunset photo. There is no need to have a special camera or specific training- a picture of the sunset is beautiful every time.

Sunset photos are among some of the most beautiful photos you will find. They are also among the easiest to take. The best are those that have something that makes them stand out among many pretty pictures. Here are some tips for taking a spectacular shot of the sunrise or sunset:


  • Be able to know ahead of time whether or not the coming sunset is going to be better than most. By being ready ahead of time, you skip on the chance that you may miss the picture while getting your equipment. If you know the beautiful sky is coming ahead of time, you can be ready.
  • Secondly, you need to practice patience. Waiting can be obnoxious but if you do so, you will catch the best of the sky color scheme. Sunsets are great because they make for great photos before, during, and after. From pink to orange to blue, you will have an array of color by the time you finish photographing.
  • Decide on a location that will make a great photo. Having someone or something in the background helps the photo pop out against similar ones.
  • Use the reflection of water by the beach, a river, or lake to make the most of your photo. You can catch more color this way.

It is all about creativity. You can use just about any camera to get great sunrise & sunset shots if you follow these tips and get creative! 42nd Street Photo carries every type of camera so if you need one, simply contact the store on the phone, in person , or online to place an order!


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