42nd Street Photo: Live Support

Many to most people today are shopping online. It is quick and easy without hassle from other people. There are still however, a lot of people who are uncomfortable with this idea of shopping online and doing it all alone. What if they make a mistake in a purchase?! With 42nd Street Photo, we have live support available and when it is shut down for the night, the communication line is not cut but instead you can leave a message for us to get in the morning.

42nd Street Photo has been in business for over 40 years. We have been pleasing customers for decades and there is a reason why. We aim to please customers and keep them coming back! One thing that we have added over the years as technology has evolved is live support. Customers who are doing their browsing or shopping online can simply click on the logo on the right hand side of the site and be in constant contact with a customer service representative.

Whether you have questions on cost, availability, or anything else related to our store, the live support reps can help. If they do have the answer immediately, they will get it for you. Of course we do not have our agents online 24/7 because we are not open that much but we do have the other hours covered. During the night, if you have a question or need to contact us, simply click on the same logo to leave a message. We will promptly contact you upon receiving the message and help you with whatever is needed.

Live support is something that we have at 42nd Street Photo and many others do not. We want customers to walk away satisfied and having live support has helped us achieve that goal.


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