42nd Street Photo: Black & White Photos

It has become quite popular to convert photos into black and white. You can take the photos in black & white initially or convert them afterward. If you are going out looking for objects to create black & white photos specifically, it is important to keep it in mind as you go out. Here are some tips when doing so:

  • It is best to take photos in color and then convert them to black and white. 
  • Take the photographs using the lowest ISO setting on your camera. 
  • Cloudy days are best. Black and white photography works best when there is soft light because it makes transitions better. Contrast can always be added if necessary.
  • Know what you are looking for. Before you take each photo, imagine them in black & white. This will take time and practice but it can be done. 
  • Black and white photos help bring out shape so in order to find good objects, check out the shape of them. 
  •  Be sure to get the structure in the photos. It is more important than usual because of the lack of color. 
  •  Higher contrast in black & white photos is not a problem like it is in color shots. Keep this in mind. 

Black and white photos can be great in wedding shots as well as everyday shots outdoors. If these types of photos are what you would like to create, simply keep an open mind and begin searching for subjects. If you are looking for a camera to shoot these shots, contact 42nd Street Photo. We can get all of the photography equipment you need quickly.


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