42nd Street Photo Goes to the Beach

One thing that will always make for a photograph is the beach. The sand, the sun and the water make for a relaxing and invigorating picture to look at and imagine oneself in. There are some specifics that should be considered when taking shots of this beauty of nature.

It is very important to thing about the time of day when you are going to take photos on the beach. Consider the sun coming up or down for a great addition to the pictures or what the shadows will look like when you do. The palm trees and other objects on the beach can make for some awesome shadows. Also, any prints that may be in the sand will look better with shadows cast on them.

Unfortunately, using automatic settings for photos on the beach does not always work the best. The underexposure this presents can cause you to be dissatisfied with your photos. Instead, set it for overexposure to make up for it. Some photos have a feature that will take 3 images with all different exposures so that you can choose the one you like best. If it is not a feature equipped on your camera, you can always figure out eh exposure setting manually.

Another thing to think about is the angle of the horizon. It is important to make sure it is straight in your photo. It may not be a big deal to have a crooked horizon to you but chances are that onlookers will not enjoy it. Unfortunately these are the types of things that will stand out to viewers of your pictures.

If you are in need of new photography equipment to capture your day at the beach, contact 42nd Street Photo. We have a camera that will fit your needs. You can call us, check us out online, or stop into the store in person. Whatever the choice may be, we have a product for you!


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