42nd Street Photo: Color Fun!

Cameras in the past did not do much. Even the early digital cameras simply took a photo and saved it on a memory card. Today there are countless features and settings available. Most people do not even know how to utilize all of their camera’s potential. One fun thing that most cameras do today is allow you to play with colors.

Black and white photos were a big fad for a long time but cameras allow much more than that now. You can change a setting on your camera to take photos in many different colors. Some of these include:

Black & White: Some people simply love black and white photos. They give a sort of class and elegance to photos that they did not have in color. Sometimes people believe they look better in the colorless pictures. That is of course a matter of opinion.
Sepia: This setting will give your photo an antique look. With a yellow/ brown hue, your photos will have a look that you will love. Many photo stands at amusement parks make sepia photos in olden day clothing. People pay high dollar for these setups and with this feature, you have the capability to do it from your own camera.

There are also settings to make you pictures appear green, red, blue, and so on. This gives a hue to all shadows and contract on the photos. This is less often desired than those above but it is still fun to use.

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