42nd Street Photo: Shooting Nature

Pictures of anything can be beautiful but photos of nature are by far the most beautiful. The naturally made colors, lighting, and objects are better than anything that can be made by man. There are some tips and tricks to getting great photos rather than good ones. By taking these tips into consideration while photographing nature, you will be sure to get some shots to die for!

First, you must learn all about natural light. Depending on the time of day there can be all types of light which affects color, shadows and even texture. The early morning light is a warm yellow while the evening brings a red hue to life. In the middle of the day, the light can be overbearing causing drastic shadows and strong contrasts. Keep all of this in mind when you are planning to go out with your camera.

Another thing to consider is your distance. When you want to get some close up shots, such as of flowers or leaves, try some within a few inches and some a few feet from the object. Before you finish, be sure to look all around for the best shots. Look behind you as you may have missed something. If you are taking the photo from far away or just not close up, do not make the object the very center of the photo. Instead put it in either of the sides. When you take pictures of landscapes, you can include depth by capturing close and distant objects. It is best to be close when you have a specific object in mind for a photo.

These are just a couple of bits of information to get you started on photographing nature. If you have yet to get photography equipment, you can do so at 42nd Street Photo. There are numerous options available at the lowest market price.


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