42nd Street Photo: Jumpstarting Creativity

Maybe you are no professional photographer but the art interests you. How can you get started in sparking your creativity? First, purchase a great camera from 42nd Street Photo. We have a vast array of cameras to choose from. Any of them are capable of producing great photos. You can see descriptions of the items in order to help you choose which suits you best. Now on to sparking your creative side…

Take a walk. Take your camera on a walk around your neighborhood at first. Take shots of all the things that catch your eye. The next time you get a chance to go out, drive to another area of town. Do the same thing. Do this is in various parts of your area- some in town, some out in the country. This will help you see exactly what types of things catch your eye personally.

After you have caught a glimpse of everything you are surrounded by and are comfortable with your camera, it is time to take pictures of some people. Start with your own family and friends. Just play around with different settings. Next, go out in public and stop a stranger for a photo. Tell them you are doing a project. Ask a bit about them and try to capture who they truly are. This is creative and yet so real.

There are plenty of ways to get your creative juices flowing in photography. Have fun with it! After you take the pictures, try editing them or making a project with them. Have fun and your creativity will follow!


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