42nd Street Photo’s Food Photography Tips

The better your food shots are taken the more mouth-watering they will look. That’s what food photography is about, making food look yummier than it is.

Here are a few tips that’ll help you creating the best food photography shots.

  1. Create a context for the food based on size and appeal. Don’t be afraid to experiment and maybe even cheat a little to get the best results.
  2. Choose angles carefully based on your subject (liquid or solid food). Shooting at an angle may make the food look like it’s spilling out of a glass or falling off a plate.
  3. Play up the composition by shooting your food from above or straight on. Use the element of surprise to render exciting shots.
  4. Use as much as possible natural light. To give dimension and depth to your shots, place the food near a window and expose for the foreground. It will make the background brighter. Familiarize with your camera manual settings and use them.
  5. As to color, simplicity is key. Also play with opposite and complementary colors. It will make your photos more graphic and the food would look just amazing.
  6. Hmm, fresh food! Photograph the food as fresh as possible.
  7. Zoom in to the food enough to provide the context for it. Like photographing a cake on a plate and zooming in while having the plate, fork and napkin in the shot to put the cake into context.
  8. If you’re into decorations, photograph them on your table without forgetting the details so that you can remember them the way you planned them.

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