42nd Street Photo Tips on Photographing Babies

Photographing babies is a lot of fun but equally challenging. You have to be spontaneous, always ready to capture their cutest facial expressions, their laughter, the looks in those big baby eyes. They are by far the subjects of the most beautiful and candid shots.

To get the best out of capturing the funniest or most important moments in your babies life, 42nd Street Photo recommends a few important tips.

  1. Get down to their level. If it means you have to lay on the floor, do that as well. The idea is to have your camera pointed at their eye level, without having  them to look directly into your lens. Experiment different angles: shoot down or upward to add variety to your photos.
  2. Baby close-ups are the best. Move closer or use the zoom to fill your viewfinder or LCD with your cute subject for more impact on your photos. Make sure you know what your camera’s closest focusing distance is, because if you’re closer than that, you’ll need to use camera’s macro mode to get a crisp close-up.
  3. It’s highly recommended to use a plain background to bring attention on your subject. A cluttered background would prevent getting interest on your picture.
  4. Light matters! When you shoot outdoor, it’s best to do that on overcast days, as this is when you get the best lighting for photographing people. The light is softer, which will contribute to a greater quality. When you shoot indoor, turn off the flash and try using the natural light coming from a window to give a soft, glowing feel to your shots. You’ll also avoid the red-eye effect caused by the flash.
  5. Capture all their emotions – a smile, a frown. Be creative but always make sure both the baby and you are comfortable.

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