Digital Camcorders at 42nd Street Photo

Among the wide range of products, 42nd Street Photo highly recommends Digital Camcorders represent an important segment of visual-capturing devices.

We will particularly focus in this post on the brands of DVD Camcorders on sale at 42nd Street Photo.


The three types of Canon DVD Camcorders available in stock are: Canon DC210, DC220 and DC230.

All three cameras record home movies directly on a compact DVD that can store up to 80 minutes of video (even longer on dual-layered discs). These DVDs are compatible with most old and new DVD players. From Standby mode, with the Quick Start function you’ll never miss any action. Also, the super fast processor DIGIC DV II features advanced noise reduction technology fo high quality images. With a compact design, these cameras are ideal for any situation you’d like to capture.

Canon digital camcorders make a very sophisticated and powerful family. You’ll experience image quality, convenience and affordability.


Hitachi is represented by Hitachi DZ-MV780A DVD Handycam Camcorder. It’s easy to operate, shoots 1.3-megapixel digital pictures which are perfect for email or printing on an MMC or SD memory card. And you’re good to go as soon as you put the DVD in filming in as fast as seven seconds.No need to rewind or fast forward to find a video clip—miniDVD-RAMs provide a page of thumbnail images that let you skip directly to the scene you want for editing or viewing.


Two types of Panasonic VDR cameras are available for movie makers: the VDR-M75 and the D250. The third one is the HDC-DX1 AVCD 3CCD.

With the VDR-M75, recording is easy and you can capture still photography using the 1.3 Megapixel Digital Still Camera. The 10x Optical Zoom and 700x Digital Zoom produce extraordinary clarity and close-up shots.

The D250 employs the same 3CCD technology used in pro broadcast cameras with crisp color reproduction. The 2.7″ wide LCD renders great picture quality of action, both during recording and playback. You can also shoot great digital photos on SD memory cards.

And finally, some of the HDC-DX1 AVCD 3CCD features will, for sure, make you want to try it:

  • Records up to 40 minutes on a dual-layer DVD-R disc
  • The 3CCD system delivers improved color, detail, and gradation
  • Has a Leica Dicomar lens with 12x optical zoom
  • Built-in Optical Image Stabilization for clear images
  • 5.1-channel audio recording; Zoom mic function adjusts audio to match camcorder movement

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