Lost Your Photography Mojo? 42nd Street Photo Helps You Get It Back

There comes a moment when you feel that your motivation fades and your photos start to look a bit dull. In order to regroup and start refueling your creativity, you should follow a few simple steps that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are a few of 42nd Street Photo’s recommendations:

  1. Browse over images archives on Flickr, Google, Creative Commons or other photographers’ who blog constantly and show their shots to the world. Chances are you will feel more inspired visually, rather than by words.
  2. Go to photo shows. If you live in a big city where a lot is happening, you will certainly find many exhibitions, some of them even free, where you could let your creative juices get stimulated. There is a lot of information you can find online about what’s on in your city. Spending an hour looking at photos in reality rather than on your computer screen will motivate you for sure and give you new ideas to explore.
  3. Submit photos to your local newspaper. CNN’s iReport is also looking to receive images from anywhere in the world where something meaningful and newsworthy happens. Keep an eye on photo competitions where you can. Search the Internet for interesting opportunities.
  4. Go to your local library and flick through some photography books and anthologies that would fuel your brain with the much needed creative blood.

Look for any opportunities around you that would come across your way, whether you’re enjoying a simple walk during your lunch break or a weekend getaway when you have more time to explore.



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