42nd Street Photo’s Pet Photography Tips

Photographing your pet, as enjoyable as it may sound, is not the easiest thing to do. Pets don’t understand what being photographed is, and they don’t strike a pose for the camera just like us, humans.

In order to take the best pet shots, there are a few factors that 42nd Street Photo suggests:

  1. Avoid using the flash as it may scare the animal. Use as much as possible natural light, either in a room well lit or outdoors.
  2. Photograph the critters from their eye level or below. Show the world how their world looks like.
  3. Shoot in RAW whenever possible. The fur is rarely easy to meter.
  4. Patience is a virtue. It’s key to have a decent shot, if your pet is superexcited.
  5. Use long lenses. Going macro will allow you to shoot some beautiful close ups.
  6. Show your pet’s personality in your pictures. If your critter is lazy, picture it yawning. If it’s hyperactive, try capturing it in action.
  7. Experiment. Take your time shooting from different angles with various compositions.

Most importantly, if you’re not photographing your own pet, but the one of a friend or a client, make sure you give the animal the time to get to know you before you hold your camera pointed to it.

Photographing pets is, in a way, similar to photographing babies or small kids. The subjects are spontaneous in the way they react, and you should take your time with them. Whatever you do, enjoy your photo session!


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