42nd Street Photo’s Tips to Improve Your Photography

Any photography enthusiast, pro or not, will always look into improving their photography skills.

This time 42nd Street Photo compiled a set of instrumental tips on how you can develop and become a better photographer.

  1. Visualising and planning your shots are the first aspects you should think of before you decide on actually clicking the shutter. For some of your shots, it may take weeks before you decide the final settings.
  2. Always keep your subjects sharp. Use a tripod when the light conditions are not proper so you can sharpen you photos’ main subject. Also use the new sharpening effect of Adobe Camera RAW. It will help you a great deal. We are certainly not refering to out-of-focus shots. Try not to over sharpen the images. The “less is more” rule should apply.
  3. Make good use of overcast days to shoot portraits, waterfalls or rivers. The clouds will create the much needed dramatic effects.
  4. Try to always have the sun behind you so the light will fall on your subject.
  5. Use wide lenses. They are ideal for landscape shots. If you can use the widest lens possible it would be great for a bigger view angle.
  6. Try to keep the number of your shots to the minimum, unless, of course, you’re shooting time lapse series or action photos. So, think and adjust your framing accordingly before taking a photo. This recommendation will come in handy as you’ll save an important amount of time on editing hundreds of unnecessary extra shots.

Always take your camera with you so you won’t miss shooting spontaneous moments. Yes, it may be tedious to carry your DSLR with you the whole time, but there are other options of great point and shoot compact digital cameras you could use like Canon Powershot 100 or Panasonic DMC-ZS8.


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