42nd Street Photo Tips on Selling Your Photography

If you have an eye for photography and think you have what it takes to sell your photos maybe it’s time you did.  The gap between amateurs and experienced photographers is closing quickly with the drop in price of high end DSLR cameras. If you want to start selling your photos you might want to consider signing up with a microstock agency.

  1. You want to register with as many stock photo sites as possible. The more sites you are selling at the more money you will make.
  2. Be sure you under the TOS or Terms of Service at every website you submit photos as sites might have different requirements of what you can submit. You also want to be sure you understand the payment terms for any photo that you submit that sells on the site.
  3. Only submit your best work and not just any old photo. This photo you had submitted has to catch the eye of other people as well.
  4. Do not submit photos of people unless you get their permission, people are known to sue over issues like this.
  5. Make sure the photo submits fits the category you are submitting it for. This will make it easier to be found.
  6. Find out what might be the current trend or doing well for sales on that site. You might not be taking those kinds of photos but if you want to make money it might be time to expand your horizons.

Implement these few tips and selling digital photos will definitely generate you some extra money!


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