Tips for Sunset Photography

In this article we will be covering some tips that will allow you to shoot some great sunset photos.  First thing you need to know is where is the sun going to set. It’s best to go and scout a position ahead of time so you know your surroundings. Try to get to the location you have picked at least 30 minutes before sunset. Set up your equipment and decide how you are going to frame your shot making sure there is nothing obstructing your view.

Another good idea would be to check in with your local weather station and verify weather and time of sunset. Take the proper clothing and equipment if you think the elements could turn while you are shooting. As I just mentioned about equipment be sure you pack extra batteries, memory cards, and lenses. Be sure and include a tripod as well, this will keep your camera steady and keep you from tiring as you take a lot of photos.

Check your settings once you are set up, especially the ‘white balance’ settings. The white balance can be the difference between a great shot and a poor shot. Take the white balance off automatic and set it to ‘sunset’ for the best possible shot. Next you want to set your exposure settings to -1 or -2 stops for underexposure as this will produce the best colors.

Lastly, shoot off as many photos as you can, this way you will have more shots to choose from as your best one. We hope these tips help you when you are shooting sunsets.


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