42nd Street Photo’s Tips for Changing Your Camera Lens

If you have a DSLR camera then you have probably interchanged different lenses for different photographic effects.  All DSLR cameras have a release switch to change lenses quickly allowing you to get that great shot you have been waiting for. We will cover a few tips that will allow changing out the lens quickly without allowing dirt or dust to get in the camera’s sensor.

  • Do not change a lens in rough weather for example if there is a lot of wind or rain.
  • When changing a lens have the new lens ready so it’s off the camera as little time as possible.
  • Check your lens for dust before attaching it to your camera.
  • Turn your camera completely off before changing the lens.
  • When changing the lens hold the camera downward with one hand holding the camera and the other hand supporting the lens.
  • Press the lens release button with the hand holding the camera and steady the lens with the other hand. Slowly twist the lens off and away from the camera, the lens should come off easily. If the lens does come off make sure the release button is pressed down all the way.
  • Make sure your lens is lined up correctly. Most camera lenses com with a alignment guide so be sure and refer to it.

We hope these few tips help you when changing the lens on your camera.


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