Tips for Photographing Children

With the upcoming holiday season approaching capturing the special moment with a camera can be easy and fun.  Holiday family portraits are a common tasks performed by the simplest photographer and the following helpful tips can ensure that the children being photographed enjoy this experience. Grab your camera and lets get started.

Make it a fun experience.  Children tend to enjoy being photographed if the experience can be turned into a game or something enjoyable.  For the littlest child, using props such as stuffed toys or puppets can ensure that the attention of the child is focused in the required direction. Be sure you are focusing the shot on the eyes of the child.

Be natural.  The best photographs can be captured when a child is in their natural environment or perhaps playing.  This allows the child to remain calm and enjoy the experience. Some suggestions would be parks, homes, or perhaps a theme park.

Get to know the child beforehand.  For a relaxing experience, sit down with the child so that she/he may become comfortable with you and trust you.

One rule of thumb when capturing a photograph of a child is to just have fun.  This experience can be exciting for you and the child as long as you relax and find joy in the art of photography.


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