Camera Safety Tips

Keeping your camera safe should be a concern at all times when you have the camera in your possession. Whether you are indoors or outdoors it’s good to take preventive measures so your camera is not damaged.

  • When flying take your camera as cabin luggage or as a carry on item. Packing your camera in a suitcase is putting the camera at risk of being damaged or even lost.
  • Never leave your camera unattended.
  • Make notes of all serial numbers on your camera for insurance purposes.
  • Do not leave your camera in your vehicle. Not only is your vehicle a target for thieves but extreme temperatures of hot or cold can damage the camera.
  • Keep your camera in a camera case. If you are not using the camera then keep in its case. It’s not so appealing to thieves if the camera is not in plain sight.
  • Keep drinks and liquids away from your camera. Most cameras will be damaged beyond repair if something is spilled on them.
  • Do not hand your camera to anyone you do not know to take pictures with. It’s insane the number of people that will just run off with your camera.
  • If your camera has a carry strap then make use of it. This will help to stop you accidentally dropping the camera and causing damage. This also makes your camera harder to steal if it’s attached to your body.

These are just a few tips to keep your camera safe and preventing major damage. We hope these tips help, be sure and come back weekly for more reviews and tips.


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