The Fuji HS20 in Review

The Fuji HS20 was released in early 2011 and replaced the FinePix HS10. If you are looking for picture quality of a SLR without carrying a bigger bag then the Fuji HS20 is the answer. The camera comes with a new EXR CMOS sensor, high speed shooting capability, improved user interface, expanded video functions and a 30x zoom lens.

The Fuji HS20 can shoot at full resolution with a speed of 8 frames per second. It will shoot 11 frames per second at 8 megapixel resolution. You can use auto tracking focus to get sharp pictures of a moving person or object; access one of the scene positions to get optimal exposure and focus for specific types of photos, such as portrait, landscape, sport, beach, snow, sunset, night, fireworks, flower, text, and natural light with flash. The Fuji HS20 also offers video functionality with full 1080p HD format.

The Fuji HS20 does provide a fix to every issue the HS10 had but it’s definitely a step up with the increased Raw capture and it’s 30x super zoom solution.



Additional Features Included:

  • RAW / RAW + JPEG shooting
  • Motion Panorama 360
  • Purple Fringing Reducer/Corner Resolution Enhance
  • Super Intelligent Flash
  • Multi Bracketing
  • Face Recognition
  • Face Detection and Automatic Red-Eye Removal
  • PhotoBook Assist

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