Fire Photography Tips

When shooting a fire as a form of photography there is really no clear cut tips or tricks to produce great photos. Just keep in mind you want to experiment as much as possible with the settings on your camera. We are going to give you though a few simple tips to keep in mind for producing better pictures of fire.

Act Responsible – This is fire you are shooting, not smoke. Try not to burn anything down. Have a extinguisher handy as well.

Dark Background – Fire shows perfectly with a dark background.

No Flash – You are shooting light so no extra light is needed.

Longer Shutter Speed – Using a longer shutter speed will help achieve a blurring effect with fire. You can also capture light trails from sparking fire. Be careful of camera shake, which brings me to my next tip.

Tripod – No matter what kind of photography you are doing a tripod is always a good thing to have. This eliminates camera shake which in turn will produce better photos.

Exposure Settings – Play with the exposure settings to find the best shot. Once you find it, don’t fix it if it’s not broke.

Faster Shutter Speed – Increase your ISO or try setting your camera to ‘shutter priority’. This gives the flame more of a fluid look.

I would suggest playing with all of your setting though as I said above. Make sure also you have fresh batteries and plenty of room on your memory cards. Experiment until you find something you like and don’t be afraid to take as many shots as you can. Eventually you will find the settings that produces the shot you like.


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