42nd Street Photo Tips For Choosing The Right Camera Lens

You may have got past what you think was the hard part by choosing a pretty decent SLR. Your next move might be finding the right lens or lenses for that SLR if you are not happy with the one that came with the camera. Lenses fall into these categories; fixed focal length, retractable zoom, fixed zoom and interchangeable lenses. There are different types of lenses and they come in different sizes and shapes, and even prices.

A serious amateur or professional will use a digital SLR with interchangeable lenses. These fully detach from the camera and can be replaced with another lens. If you already own lenses for a traditional film camera, you can usually find a digital camera with a compatible SLR body. A digital SLR is the most flexible lens for all shooting situations. An added advantage is that if you want to upgrade your lenses, you can do so without buying a new camera.

First what’s the brand of your SLR? This is very important because you cannot interchange lenses of different brands with others. A lens intended for Canon camera isn’t going to function properly with a Nikon camera.

One more thing to keep in mind in order for you to choose the best lens that will work for you is the lens mount. It is the point of connection between your digital SLR and a lens. Each brand of lens mount is not the same with others. Keep this in mind if you’ve decided to use a lens from a third party maker.


A Few things to consider


1. Decide on the focal length that you really need and will be used best


2. Do you want zoom or prime lens?


3. Choose the highest aperture


4. Are you purchasing from first or third party makers?


Camera lenses can be quite expensive. They can also be quite heavy and bulky to carry. If you are not very knowledgeable about camera lenses, you may want to take some time and research what your best options are.


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