Fall Photography Tips from 42nd Street Photo

Autumn is right around the corner which provides us with nature’s most breathtaking scenery, making it difficult not to feel inspired to take at least a few snapshots.Fall is the perfect time to get to know your camera and really discover photography.  If you’ve always wanted to learn more about photography, Fall is definitely a great time to learn. Here are some fall photography tips to help you make the most of your fall photo shoots this season.

Know your camera. Your camera came with a manual. Dig it out and read it. Before you ever set foot outside your door, learn what your camera does and how to operate it.

The use of filters. Capturing bright fall colors on film can be greatly enhanced through the use of either a warming or a polarizing filter. A warming filter enhances the yellow, orange, red and brown tones in your photos.

Lighting is always important. As most of you know the best times or ‘golden hours’ are early morning and late evening for great shots. While it is true that you can turn anything into a prop, you may also want to consider bringing a few things from home to set up some unique shots.

Perspective is key. Anyone can point and shoot, but what makes fall photography truly stunning is creating a new perspective. Try to avoid expansive long shots of the trees, but work into your shot elements in the foreground and the background to create depth and dimension.

Create a great shot. Scour nature for props, from fallen leaves to mossy logs, flowers, stones, pine cones, mushrooms and more!

If you just want great shots for friends and family, of course it is perfectly fine to have your kids or family members looking at the camera, but if you want impressive fall photography to share with strangers, it is better to avoid putting the focus on faces, but rather on the scene itself.


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