42nd Street Photo recommends the Leatherman Squirt S4 (81070001K) (Storm Gray)

Leatherman Squirt S4These days Leatherman tools are a necessity for those people that are always on the move. The colorful, pint-sized Leatherman Squirt is designed to fit on your key ring, yet still be tough enough for some pretty big jobs. It offers easy access to an assortment of commonly needed tools that really work. When it comes to convenience, it’s tough to top a Leatherman Squirt S4. Micro-serrations help the scissors grip and cut even fine materials. The Leatherman Squirt offers other features–tweezers, knife, screwdrivers and more–are all available without opening the tool. And at a mere 2.25 inches, this zippy little number does a great job of staying out of the way until you need it.  Attach the spring-action Squirt P4 to your key ring or backpack.

Leatherman Squirt S4 Multi-Tool includes:

* Scissors
* Tweezers
* Straight Knife
* Extra-Small Screwdriver
* Medium Screwdriver
* Small Flat Phillips Screwdriver
* Nail File/Cleaner
* Opener
* Lanyard Attachment
* Ruler

If you are looking for the perfect Leatherman at an inexpensive price then the Leatherman Squirt S4 is for you.


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